Whistle Blower Ex CIA Operative Child Trafficking Victim Laurel Aston Expos (new) HD [documentary]

  • Uploaded by Malogg on Mar 10, 2014
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I had to upload the audio to sound cloud because You tube Google protects pedophiles and child trafficking evil organizations .They have blocked the video that I have uploaded over 4 times and it will not play . The Audio is redone from the first video posted a few days ago .It was a bad connection but we did our best with what we had . Please Share and get the word out about what they are doing to this women and many children all over the world . This story is really unreal but so true when it comes to what she has gone threw in her life since the age of 4 . A heart breaking story of a super soldier of the evil CIA's mind control and child assassin slave program . Please share ,download re post ext and get the word out to if you care about women and kids . soundcloud super-truthwh...FBI Raid Reveals Govt Knee Deep in Child Sex Trafficking ( Child Protective services is proven to be deeply involved in child sex trafficking ) ( Video ) . watch?v=x documentary, documentaries, full documentary, history documentary, documentary bbc, history channel documentary, documentary history channel, national geographic documentary, discovery channel documentary, documentary films, ufo documentary, prison documentary, science documentary, space documentary, bbc documentary 2014, pbs documentary, bbc documentary history, illuminati documentary, nature documentary, north korea documentary, beyonce documentary, alien documentary, serial killer documentary, mafia documentary, universe documentary, lion documentary, gang documentary, ufo documentary 2014, civil war documentary, slender man documentary, vietnam war documentary, wrestling documentary, bigfoot documentary, eminem documentary, the game documentary, 9/11 documentary, lil wayne documentary, drake documentary

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