UFO Truth Timothy Good Nov 2013

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Mar 12, 2014
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Timothy Good launches his new book at Gary Hesletine's UFO truth lectures, in late November in west Yorkshire. Good's lecture contains a great deal of old school UFO cases, and is clearly an intelligence release for the grass routes. His presentation at the International UFO Congress Feb 2014, descended into disaster after numerous technical issues, so this should be viewed as his seminal lecture on this subject until a better version becomes available. Almost all the lectures on the 23rd IUFOC Saturday Feb 2014 were a disaster one way or another, to the fury of the lecturers. BUT, this is on the wrong youtube account, not megawatts1066. It has now joined the rest of the UFO Truth Magazine lectures on the megawatts1066 yahoo account, for ease of playlisting purposes.

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