Mysterious underground caves discovered in Chile

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Subscribe to ITN News: A group of researchers in Chile have discovered 20 underground caves which could help unlock mysteries about how continents are formed. Some of the caves, which were 50 metres deep contained bone fragments from small animals and cave paintings. Natalia Morata, an expert in speleogenesis, or the origin and development of caves, said the discovery could be an important key in her field. "You can make models of the areas where the continents broke off and this could be one of those spots. It is a key place and it is here, in Chile." Report by Sarah Kerr. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Add us on Google+: More stories from ITN: Pastry launched into the stratosphere: Rare footage of Kim Jong Un judging military contest: Topless protesters arrested in Crimea, Ukraine: Incredible images of galaxy being ripped apart: UN envoy trapped in cafe by armed militia, caught on camera: Amazing timelapse of menacing clouds rolling in: Oscar Pistorius witness receives intimidating phone calls: Boy suspended from school for pretending his hand is gun: Russian troops fire 'warnings shots' at Ukrainian soldiers: Italians pelt each other with tonnes of fruit: 33 people stabbed to death in China attack: UK treated to magical Northern Lights show: CCTV shows man killed by single punch: Nando's steal giant mango in ridiculous publicity stunt: See 2013's Most Watched Videos: See our Biggest Videos of All Time:

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