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MORE DETAILS COMING SOON!! This is REAL and IS/HAS happened. Here is what is happening now: With the main program : 1 . Master Plan 2 . Key Master Plan 3 . Human Obligations 4 . Quota Payment for 253 Countries World. 5 . State Debt Elimination. 6 . Debt Elimination each person on earth. (All Debts Removed) Moment March 11, 2014 was a very important moment for humanity and for the happiness in the world. This moment abolished human enslavement and liberated basic human rights. This is the realization of the promise of God as the almighty creator. Being compassionate to honor and glory to his fellow man. Here is more info: http://nova-gaia.com/turning-point-for-humanity/ Additional Note: The term "New World Order" on the link above was a term co-oped by the Zionist Jew Bankers and is not implied on the link the way you or I would assume it to be implied. I will update you soon. I have so much more info to share with you all VERY soon! I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE!

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