COINTELPRO BUSTED CARTOON: Bizarre INTEL Exposes American Cult Control

  • Uploaded by Malogg on Mar 13, 2014
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U.S. intelligence agencies and agents have been concerned about "The HOROKANE"--Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane--and targeted them with commercial crimes, extortion, and defamation, exposing bizarre "INTEL" that these two world-leading drug industry whistleblowers have been avidly publishing. This "cartoon" is based on their lessons learned "the hard way," and follows the "SEX TAPE SCANDAL" manufactured by the COINTELPRO (Counter-intelligence Program) agents seen here. The "SEX TAPE SCANDAL" video (now playing on YouTube and Vimeo) co-produced by Michael Vara et. al.'s (Late Night In The Midlands) is a half-hour documentary evidencing the aforementioned crimes and the agents caught in the act of stealing the good reputations of Kane and Horowitz. Watch this with a smile on your face. It is an example of how to eliminate the "darkness" with "Light." Link to Sex Tape Scandal here: Link to Article here:

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