A Closer Look at 3D Printed Shapeways Objects

In this video I just wanted to share some of the 3D printed objects that I had acquired from Shapeways, the 3D printing company. All of these objects were ordered through their website at and are of the Selective Laser Sintering method in which a laser fuses grains of plastic powder together. The objects are interesting to look at and interesting to touch but aren't useful in any way except for one aspect, which is the main reason I acquired them. Seeing and touching these objects really helps to expand the imagination and stimulate new ideas for what this maturing 3D printing technology will enable. They are creative aids and help to generate new ideas for other structures and objects that you might want to design, build, and create. The objects covered are as follows:0:12 - Mobius Net0:40 - Hypercube1:03 - Gyro the Cube1:30 - 120 Cell2:01 - Mobius Band2:31 - Menger Sponge2:50 - DNA Double Helix3:10 - Gyroid3:47 - Carbon Nanotube4:26 - C60 Buckyball5:09 - 3D Cage Maze5:41 - Hilbert Curve6:26 - Bacteriophage Virus8:07 - Linked Cubes8:52 - Linked Voroni

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