THE FOOL [Path of the Fool Series © Michael Tsarion]

Michael Tsarion's master class begins with an esoteric analysis of The Fool... Main Website Facebook (for comments) Path of the Fool (Intro) Path of the Fool (Book of Card Meanings) Taroscopic Mystery School Taroscopic System (Intro Video) References for this Program: Rider-Waite Deck Rider-Waite Thoth Deck Thoth Deck The Major Arcana Goddess Taurt (Tarot) Precession Platonic (Great) Year Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn MacGregor Mathers (Samuel Liddell) Immanuel Kant Phenomenal versus Noumenal Hyperborea Pole Shift Arctic Home in the Vedas Arctic Home in the Vedas The Djed Pillar Sign of Aries The Ascendant Constellation of Draco Sobek Tony Bushby (Secret in the Bible) Hebrew Alphabet Ahom (Egyptian Letter) Etymology ppendices/etymology.html Prana Sufism Goddess Ma'at Lady Justice Ogham ilmbeit.html Anubis Cerberus City of the Dogs Psychopomp Hermes Mercury Mircea Eliade Psychostasia Judgment Scene Eudaimon Chuang Tzu (a.k.a Zhuangzi) The Inner Zodiac Disciples of the Mysterium (Book)


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