Amazing VIDEO! Nigerian Cook Survives 2 Days Under Sea in Shipwreck Air Bubble

Came across this video on live leak and just had to share it, One of the most amazing caught on camera videos I have ever seen. This is the stuff they make movies about. This man was the cook aboard a tug boat that sunk to the bottom of the sea and sat on sea bottom upside down, after a few days, the hard had divers are sent in to try and recover any bodies they can. But a man is found ALIVE! he has been in an air pocket in the freezing water in Pitch black the entire time. How many of us would have lost our mind in his situation? You have no Idea how deep you are, you have to think no one is going to come for you and you are waiting to die. Just swim out? Pitch black and even if you know the ship like the back of your hand. the ship is upside down, up is down, left is right, you would most likely never find your way out and even if you did make it out you would most likely be holding your breath. A lung full of air that has become compressed at depth so when you swim to the surface you not being a diver would not be aware that you must blow out as your ascend, so you would end up with a burst lung and die from that, Even if you did manage to not blow a lung, you have been at depth for some time and you would get a very severe case of the bends as you would not be able to decompress properly, if you do not drown trying to find your way out, you may burst a lung, if you do not burst a lung you might get shallow water blackout before you get to the surface, if you do not black out you will die from the bends pretty quickly and painfully, if yo do not sink and drown first because the bends is causing so much pain in the joints and maybe effecting your brain function. So without the rescue divers this guy had no chance in hell. This guy is beyond lucky to be alive today. Great video, please watch and share. As a former Rescue and Divemaster, I can tell you I would have crapped my pants if I was looking for bodies in the dark with very low vis and suddenly a hand grabs your head. I found this video at live leak and thought it deserved more people to see it. I origionally found the video at this link and it was uploaded there by live leak user ATACKA

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