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Massive UFO Fleet Heading Towards Earth 2014 HD Available


  • fayebrown965928#

    fayebrown965928 March 15, 2014 1:52:29 PM CET

    Since there will always be lingering debates on subjects such as this .. mostly by those that know the truth and work to keep celestial truth from surfacing .. I address any input as simply possibilities .. and the level of person’s consciousness will do the rest …

    Now I noticed that along the assembly line of this massive fleet in this video .. is a perfectly round darkened space ..this could be one of many Ancient metallic Black lunar Spheres orbiting undetected near and far .. some larger ones has been explained away as black holes … or a smaller one in their nearer orbiting passing explained off as lunar or solar eclipse .. when actually it was one of the Black Lunar Spheres passing in front of the lit area ..

    Now because these such Black Lunar Sphere’s Power Sources are affiliated with works of the God particle and the state of pure liquid Plasma … it’s referred to not only as a wo-man … but also a Lord God Source of Power …

    It seems a lot of Ancient cosmic facilities are being awakened by contact of High Frequency signals … and not doubt each have been pre-programmed for specific duties .. And since they are creations of the CREATOR … those commands would have some purpose in the will of the CREATOR for these times …

    Nevertheless .. people often forget that the enemy has been among us for a very long time .. keeping their true appearance from mainstream .. but have always been behind the face of evil … the were the hands which has brought so much destruction to the Earth and the Earth people .. they were force which this region of space had feared for some time ..

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