F.A.S.T. Episode 1 - Far Above Space and Time UFOS

  • Uploaded by Benta on Sep 17, 2007
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Are the people of this world really ready for the most mind altering disclosure regarding large objects in Interstellar space or even life which may not be from this planet? Can humanity really handle the truth at this stage of their evolution? What are these objects? What does this mean for the future of mankind in general? For there are and will be people whom will fight amongst themselves regarding the origins and truth behind the filming of this footage and the acceptance or non acceptance of it into their lives. There is no hope of the government ever telling you because they believe you are not yet ready or they just wish to lie to you. Many people believe you cannot accept this as you are unable to keep peace between yourselves. This is the introduction.......Are you ready? Are we alone? Can YOU handle the truth.

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