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UFO sighting over Virginia March 12 2014

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CBS 6 was contacted via email and Twitter about a photo snapped Thursday at Southpark Mall, that allegedly captured a UFO in the Skiddle said was with her mother and sister tonight at the Southpark Mall. They were leaving a department store and exited around 6:30 to a "weird and ominous" sky."My mom and I took several pictures of the sky and while we began looking through our pictures, I noticed in one of mine that there was something," Skiddle wrote via email. "I had no flash in, nor a filter.""And my mom looked through hers and also saw she had whatever it was in one of hers," she described what she and her mom saw in the pictures as looking "...like there are six little lights, in like a hexagon, I don't know, it just looks weird."According to the National UFO Reporting Center, for as long as they have been keeping records, 1,490 UFOs have been reported in the grand state of Old UFO hasn't been reported in the state since February 27, 2014. That one was reported as a triangle shape, seen in summary of that report was "Large, silent, high-flying speedy aircraft with triangle light alignment frightens skeptic."Well, speaking of skeptics, we occasionally get the call to investigate a UFO. Like last time, when a viewer thought maybe we caught one on film while we were recording near a solved that mystery. I was able to identify our flying object as a plane captured while using a show shutter IN HD!!SEND YOUR UFO SIGHTINGS AND VIDEOS IN A MESSAGE TO OUR YOUTUBE OR FACEBOOK PAGE!SUBSCRIBE HERE - OUR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE -

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