Paedo Info Exchange (P.I.E) / New Evidence Against Harriet Harman

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Featuring new evidence connecting Harriet Harman (Deputy Leader of the Labour Party) with the paedo group PIE (released after her interview with ITN) These connections that left Harman being forced to deny support for paedophiles date back FOUR decades when Labour's deputy leader was an official in the governments National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) which had control of PIE as one of its affiliates. 25 February 2014 - Harriet Harman tweets Daily Mail website picture of girl aged 12 in bikini: News Report - ITN / Harman being questioned by Bill Maloney of pnmfilms Starting with a report from ITN (25th Feb 2014) we will take a look at the Paedophile Information Exchange, more commonly known as PIE, which 'was' a Government sponsored, Pro-Paedophile activist group that most probably still exist to this day but much more covertly, officially they disbanded in 1984 ..after 10 years of mainstream public campaigning to lower the legal age of sex as low as they could and create and help pass new laws that would favour (one of) their own secret agendas..(active) paedophilia. One of PIE's aims: make amendments to the law in order to lower the legal age of sexual consent from 16 to 10 (and even lower if they could, they would bring it to as low as FOUR) After many years of police holding off investigations in January 2006, the Metropolitan Police Service Paedophile Unit arrested the supposed '''last''' of its members on child pornography charges, with its then leader David Joy warned by his sentencing judge that his ''beliefs'' may preclude his ever being released from jail (oh no! -_-) and to this day, one of its core members - Harriet Harman - REFUSES to apologise because she claims she did nothing wrong so therefore has nothing to apologize for, unfortunately for the sow-faced bitch new evidence was brougth to light around 23hours agi by the Daily Telegraph (one of the UK's biggest Newspapers) A letter shows that she was firmly connected and trying to pass amendments in favour of the PIE group. I believe even more things will come up. Amongst this video you will see one of the logos of PIE which features 2 children sat atop a rock, and once again u see the subliminal pyramid/'triangle shape that the logo has. In the ITN news report we are shown how one of PIE's magazines featured a passage describing how a child must be sexually active by the age of 4, or else it will be ''too late'' (now doesnt that sound familiar to those of you who understand the Illuminati's use of sexual intercourse with a child in order to 'achieve' certain goals - mind control, pineal gland etc etc) In Germany many years ago they somewhat legalized paedophilia by removing it from the list of sexual offences. This may have developed even more since around 2009. It was Gordon Brown who signed the UK out to the Lisbon Treaty Note from Harriet Harman to Nettie Pollard, the NCCL's Gay and Lesbian Officer - sat on the group's gay rights committee with Tom O'Carroll, PIE's chairman. The documents that date from 1978 and 1979 disclose Nettie Pollard - the NCCL's Gay and Lesbian Officer - sat on the group's 14-strong gay rights committee with Tom O'Carroll, PIE's chairman who was later jailed for child porn offences. Bill Maloney of Pie n Mash Films tried in 2011 to ask HH about child abuse, ''why would the cuts affect child abuse?'' which she refused to answer - the typical sheep around her, protecting her, did their job..until eventually she went to a nearby policeman for 'help'. See it in full here: Also in the news today Nick Ross (co-presenter of BBC show Crimewatch) has defended paedophilia claiming he would watch videos of child porn. Telegraph article:

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