A Question for Harry Rodger Webb ? C Richard

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Could this be the biggest Establishment cover-up yet ?
The former Guest House 'Elm Lodge' which is situated in Barnes, South West London has become a ticking timebomb and is now the centre of a police investigation into an alleged child sex abuse ring in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
During a police raid on a property in central London last month detectives seized a list of names of high profile alleged visitors to the guest house. The list includes a number of senior MPs, two pop stars, a Bishop, a high-ranking policeman, a leading tycoon, an MI5 officer, figures from Sinn Fein and the National Front, an official from the Royal household, and traitorous Soviet spy Anthony Blunt.
Cyril Smith, the late Liberal MP, has already been named as a regular at the guest house.

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