Comet 17P/Holmes May Blow Up in the Inner Solar System in Late March 2014

The next perihelion of Comet Holmes will occur on March 27, analyzing the behavior the comet 17P/Holmes exhibited during its last three visits to the inner solar system say that we might see the celestial body blow up in late March 2014, when it heads towards the Sun for another particular comet captured the attention of astronomers back in 2007, when it was shaken by a massive explosion that saw it swelling to a diameter that briefly exceeded the Sun' the course of 42 hours in October of 2007, Comet Holmes (17P/Holmes) became a half million times brighter on its way to becoming the largest object in the solar system - larger than the Sun., Comet 17P/ Holmes is one of the more prominent comets in & images credits: ESA/NASA

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