Ukraine maps chart Crimeas troubled past

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Ukraine maps chart Crimea's troubled past If Crimea were to join Russia after the planned referendum on 17 March, it would be the latest of many changes to the map of Ukraine during the country's troubled past. This 1769 map shows the Crimean peninsula in the centre, in yellow for Turkey and Little Tartary; Russia is shown in blue That lasted until Russia's Catherine the Great (seen below) took it from the Tatars, annexed it and made it part of the Russian Empire Passions are being fired by history, as the old maps in the British Library's collection reveal. Crimea, a small peninsula in the Black Sea, below Russia and Ukraine, is now the focus and flashpoint of the crisis, threatening to loosen ties with Kiev or even return to Russian rule. In the 18th Century, it was part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, ruled by the Khan of the Crimean Tatars


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