The Real God vs Imposters & other New Age Lies -- Birth of a New Earth TV w guest George Kavasillas

  • Uploaded by goku on Mar 16, 2014
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Tonight on The People's Voice, Jeanice Barcelo interviews George Kavasillas, author and acclaimed speaker, about the nature of reality, organic vs. synthetic life, and the True Creator vs. religious imposters. George has a breadth of wisdom about spiritual matters and a great many "off-planet" experiences that have led to his knowing. Of particular interest is George's perception of new age teachings as a sophisticated form of mind-control designed to sever our relationship with our true selves and our home planet. George views chakras as portals of manipulation and kundalini energy as a serpentine invasion of our nervous system. This was a fascinating interview. Links: George Kavasillas -- Jeanice Barcelo -- and

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