A Jewish Defector Warns America : Benjamin Freedman

  • Uploaded by boybilly on Mar 16, 2014
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A Jewish Defector Warns America : Benjamin Freedman

The title speaks for itself. Research any of the videos contents for yourself and you will find them accurate. Youtube removed all of my WLP videos. Strange they always threaten my account with a suspension, or suspend it without notice when I upload WLP videos. "They" must not really like WLP's message. I wonder who owns youtube. I wonder why "they" would be so scared of anyone hearing a single WLP speech. I mean just to upload the WLP movies I couldn't use his name in the title or the keywords. It would just give me an error message whenever I tried. Then mysteriously when I removed his name from the video, it would upload. I wonder why youtube allows all kinds and any messages of dissent other than that of WLP or others like him. Oh well, I guess this jewish guys vid will do. Hopefully its not considered "Hate speech".

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