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"Scandinavian Fireball!"

  • Alexrubic
  • uploaded: Jan 27, 2009
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On Jan. 17th, a small asteroid hit Earth's atmosphere over Scandinavia and exploded in a flash so bright it turned the nighttime sky daylight-blue. The fireball came as a complete surprise, so photographers were caught unprepared; almost no images were captured. In Sweden, however, an automated video camera recorded the event. Roger Svensson, who owns the camera, has just contributed a new version of the video at higher-resolution than previously shown.

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  • Ichief#

    Ichief November 19, 2009 9:47:09 AM CET

    yesterday the same thig happened here in Las Vegas, Nevada im surprised no news covered it. Seeing as im sure it must have been captured by some camera. It did a big flash in the entire skie light blue

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