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Alien Hybrid Abortion from Abducted Woman in Italy

  • DualGamma
  • uploaded: Mar 17, 2014
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Shocking testimony and film footage of a disturbing Alien Abduction. A woman in Italy was abducted by a UFO and after a period of memory loss, recalls the terrifying experiments that aliens performed on her. She was coated in a unknown, fluorescent substance, whose manufacture eludes scientific analysis requiring a particle accelerator to work. Moreover she remembers being implanted with several electronic and biological instruments. By Cross-breeding alien DNA with human DNA, the aliens were attempting to synthesize an embryo of an alien-human hybrid which was implanted in the woman. This fetus was quickly aborted when the woman realised she was pregnant after the encounter. The results of the abortion were shocking, with an alien fetus being uncovered.

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  • Rahkriga#

    Rahkriga March 20, 2014 9:24:30 AM CET


  • rileymiriam#

    rileymiriam March 20, 2014 2:41:49 AM CET

    yep, skinned bunny,

  • DarkHeart#

    DarkHeart March 19, 2014 10:18:14 AM CET

    Skinned rabbit.

  • shaykossow#

    shaykossow March 19, 2014 5:32:12 AM CET

    it wasnt a monster quit your whining grey are beautiful sweet little beings theyve never hurt me at all been nothing but gentle ive had several babies with them abortion is murder bitch

  • James KeithDavis Jr.#

    James KeithDavis Jr. March 18, 2014 10:24:47 PM CET

    To bad that someone might say something bad towards this such a sad case. I myself have had dreams so real that I am afraid to go to a doctor and be put into a trance like state. I do have great feeling though about my own case. So I feel sad for this woman in a way none but those that have been there can understand. People need to realize that not everything in the world is like what they think. There are visitors coming here whether you like it or not. They will continue to come here and more of us will feel as we do now. So believe as you wish for now but soon you will see the truth and I hope you awaken to it before then. Try doing yoga it helps open up the mind to all of the possibilities.

  • gerwazykozibak#

    gerwazykozibak March 18, 2014 3:06:18 PM CET


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