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Black Knight UFO!? March 15, 2014

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  • uploaded: Mar 18, 2014
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By far one of the most unusual things to hit WFR! 10 images, as the camera captured them. Looked like nothing until cropped down. Apart from the final three images, nothing is color or exposure altered, or modified in any way. Believe, don't believe, up to you. Could be anything and could be easily explainable of course. What is that? Debunk it. Call it a fake. All that. I'll guess balloon to kick it off. Your turn. WFR * the title isn't to say this is the well known Black Knight Satellite but it does remind of it, imo.

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  • Noname#

    Noname April 22, 2014 6:52:06 AM CEST

    It sure looks like it. Whether it is for sure, who can say? But I will tell you one thing for certain, it may exhibit the characteristics of a satellite, but it is most definitely not one. I saw it moving through the sky, accompanied by four much smaller spheres that moved independently of the main ship and it was roughly a mile high during its flight. (a mile off the ground) It seemed about as large as a Walmart, if not larger. Like a multi-level building floating through the air, no sound, no trail, broad daylight. The spheres that traveled with it were 1/100 the size of the main craft. I have video that was shot on my phone but it does the thing no justice. It's shape is so unique. This was in Birch Run, Michigan, March 29th at 4:45pm. (2014) I have been searching for any recent news on it since then. Your photos are the newest/closest thing I've come across. I saw it from a side view, the curved end being the front and jagged end being the rear, it was only doing about 100mph (roughly), it simply traveled slowly out of sight on that cloudy day, I will never forget. I should add that it was not difficult to see, I got a good look, from my point of view it was about 3 inches long, but of course its actual size is massive. Extend your arm in front of you and spread your index finger and thumb as far apart as you can and picture the Black Knight Satellite fitting between your thumb and finger tip, that's what it was like. Like you said, believe or don't. It's already happened, no one's belief can change that.

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