Jews outwardly of flesh are Anti-Semitic themselves but they call others - 2.

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Jews outwardly of flesh are Anti-Semitic themselves but they call others - 2.
We have heard the saying, “Empty drums make much noise” and this is very much true of the Jewish people. They themselves are unfaithful to Abraham and Yahweh but they render empty lip service to them.
Abraham belonged to the Semitic race and he left his kith and kin to establish a New Generation as Promised by Yahweh. In Faith, he waited in the wilderness to the Promise of Yahweh. His Faith in Yahweh gave him Isaac, his real son and as the Promised Land is the property of the Father’s sons and not of the slaves in any form, slave girl Hagger and her son Ishmael were settled by Abraham outside the boundaries of the Promised Land. The story that Hagger was arrogant is not true as Abraham being a righteous person, all his household and servants were well treated by him and they honoured him too.
Now, Abraham created a Hajj ritual in which the sons of Abraham whether from the slave Hagger or Isaac was to go throw for faithfulness to their tribal fathers if they want to live in Peace as the Planet earth is for the habitation of the sons of the tribal fathers. Sons of Isaac being born as a Boon of the Sadhus, they became more spiritual whilst the son of Hagger born of Nature were more natural men less intelligent but rude in their behaviour such as if someone steals, his hand is to be cut off. Women caught in adultery that would produce Bastards, are to be stoned to death.
Abraham established his covenant with his son Isaac through circumcision and this circumcision is for the sons of Abraham only and not for the Gentile. In Africa, people have tribal marks to identify their tribal people so that they, the tribes, can live in Peace. Animals have similar instincts and they have their territories.
In Jesus, we are to be solitary. Much confused Trinity is explained.
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