bill hudson Blatant Fear Mongering

  • Uploaded by Sangstar1 on Mar 18, 2014
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Shame On You bill hudson Blatant Fear Mongering. At 3 minutes and 51 seconds on to this video, it shows one man kicking another on the balls (HIS GENITALS). This is very dangerous and not in good taste. This might even lead to violence especially amongst young children. Bill Hudson Blatant blatant fear mongering. AKA Sangstar1 Videos Presentations TruthResearchers. Sangstar1 Researchers Defending Truth and Debunking Deceit. At SANGSTAR1, we believe that your children safety from internet Predators Scammers are extremely important. Be careful, so do not put your child at risk, and keep them inform of the dangers on Internet blogs, emails, and sharing Mobile numbers, address on the internet.

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