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BANNED BY BBC & SKY ~ the D.E.C Gaza Aid Appeal !


  • Lordblake7#

    Lordblake7 March 3, 2009 1:48:39 AM CET

    I hate the thought of being british.The U.K and the U.S have no place on this earth.I know its only the few at the top of goverment that are the sick f***s.But we are all so slow dumb to stop it.They are distroying us all,and earth.Its been going on for soding years.For fuck sack when are we all really going to get off our ass and stop these f***ers. HANG THE C***S

  • Loveandlight#

    Loveandlight January 27, 2009 7:12:14 PM CET

    absolutely disgusting how media networks will not cover this goes to show exactly where the goverments influence goes to they dont want to do anything for these people because they want this war im ashamed to be british when the words of the elite over rule the needs of the young innocent and needy

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