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Hi Guys! This is my first impression/ review on the BH Cosmetics 10 piece eco brush set. Sorry for the was late and I filmed this really quick!.Watch these brushes in action in my Laura Mercier Artist Palette Tutorial: This is my review on the BH Cosmetics .OPEN FOR MORE DETAILS ( I am not getting paid by this company! If you use my promo code it only benefits you) *****GIVEAWAY INFORMATION***** Hi the 10 Piece Eco-Friendly Brush Set: Watch Cambria introduce and review the10 Piece Eco-Friendly Brush Set. Win a 10 Piece YOUTUBE!!!! I wanted to do a review for you on my new BH COSMETICS brush set. I have been waiting on these brushes and I am so excited to finally have to me here!!!! Hello guys! I hope you guys enjoy this review on the BH Cosmetics Eco-Brush Set from BH Cosmetics- On Sale NOW for $ Hey all, Thanks a lot for taking time to watch this video. I am very excited to share this review with you guys as I am completely in love with these IN HD! Please Subscribe and LIKE if you enjoyed my video! :) Follow me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM @Pin_upPrincess *10 Color Professional Blush Palette* ! :-) Thanks for watching my PRODUCT REVIEW on the POP ART Brushes from BH Cosmetics ( I think I am a brush hoarder! hehe). Review starts at 1:58 (I am .hope you enjoy and please subscribe !Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram: . If you are a COMPANY/BUSINESS and would like me to review a product(s) Please feel brush set YOU SOO MUCH FOR WATCHING !! WARNING : lighting may not be at its best by the end of the am really sorry but I dint want to open the boxes are really pretty!! great condition !In this review, Gabriella walks you through our new 15 Piece Wild Purple Makeup Brush Set and the 24 Piece Synthetic Makeup Brush Set. 15 Piece Wild Purple !!! Thumbs Up If you like my makeup look using these palettes and brushes : ) BH Cosmetics : - 88 Matte Palette - 15 order these Bh Cosmetic 12 Pc Brush set, I decided to do a review on them. i hope you like this review that I did don't forget to comment rate and Travel Brush Set: Watch Cambria introduce and review the Double-Ended Travel Brush Set. Win a Double-Ended Travel Brush is a NEW set of brushes from BH Cosmetics that where on sale for Memorial day. They are ok but but their are a lot of brushes that are the same but muffins. This is a small review on the BH Cosmetics brush set that I purchased. If you are interest in this brush set the link is below .Hi Guys! Thank you for watching my BH Cosmetics- California Collection- San Francisco Palette Review + Look/Demo/Tutorial! * Watch in HD* (This is my first v.

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