'Intergender Boxing Match' [TRUTHSTONE]

Everything is a carefully staged lie. Break free into the light.

Our lips are not for speaking truth
beyond the barrage of empty words
that flow from their parted caves.
I've taken to holding open my ears
because there is so little you can hear
when you rely on deceptive soundwaves.

The truth lies somewhere within
the silence of two lovers on
a king-sized bed in a rented room
smelling faintly of pot and
someone else's faded dreams.
It lies somewhere in the electric touch
that travels on the closeness of skin
as two hands quilt their fingers together.

Two hands melt into one
sharing a pulse that speaks volumes
louder than anything the lips
could ever try to spill out into the air.
Listen not with your ears, but
with your fingertips along the curves
of her body, the open chords on
your guitar, make her sing your name.

Study her like the holy books
you never bothered to pour over
in search of authenticity,
in search of meaning.
And when you crash together
harmonizing strings of pleasured profanity,
gasps, sounds that almost form words
It should feel the same as
holding her hand.

And even long after you finish
return to your sides of the rented bed
collapse near into sleep with a
frenzied exhaustion
don't let go. Right between your
fingertips lays the closest path
you will ever have to hearing
words of candor. The truth
Lies between two lovers.

The truth is love, and all true love is the truth.

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