3/18/2014 -- UPDATE -- Explosion at New Mexico base sends plume across MULTIPLE states

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Full post showing the whole event with screenshots, links, and .gif backdated NEXRAD RADAR feeds: facebook page here (you do not have to be a FB member to view): 17, going into March 18, 2014 -- a large plume exploded / erupted from just west of Carrizozo Volcanic field, White Sands / Area 29 military test large plume of particulate matter has been expelled skyward, and has now blown across the state of New Mexico, passed directly over Amarillo, Texas --- now crossing state lines again into Oklahoma (as of 230am CT March 18, 2014) feeds for New Mexico here (March 18, 2014 at approx 3Z) the action unfold at the NWS! The plume coming out of New Mexico, currently directly over Amarillo, Heading towards several "HAARP Rings" which just appeared in OK, MO,

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