New Aspects of Billy Meier Story with Michael Horn Nov 19 2013

Michael Horn, the official spokesperson for UFO contactee Billy Meier made a return visit this evening. Machael hadn't been with us for a few months so we caught up with current events that Billy Meier wrote about many decades ago. We touched on the topics of Fukashima, the JFK and RKF assigniations, the mentally distracting nature of modern techno life, and "free energy" that's already here and in use. It's called, geothermal and should be the dominant technology for supplying the planet with clean, always safe, never polluting, endless energy. we have great shows here like coast to coast am ALTERNATIVE shows ( Theses are not coast shows ) these guys Do a Great job we are trying to get some of the guest that come on the coast show Stay Bold Radio & others talk shows Everyone Can watch All Shows Here With There mobile devices It Will Be In The Featured Videos THANKS Follow Us at If You Use Twitter heres the Twitter address or just click the twitter link on the right of the channel page JETRADIO we have are 2nd radio up & running we will have live DJ playing & you can listen using your moblies All Of secretsocietiestoday Videos Will Be Added To If You Haven't sign up please do we have videos u wont see up on youtube any more all ur conspiracies Info In 1 place. Hello and welcome to Secret Societies Today, your one-stop source for the most reliable up to date information you can trust. By visiting us today, you have shown that you are a thinker and a person who doesn't take what's handed to them at face value; you dig deep to find the underlying causes and circumstances of happenings in the world around you. We offer one of the most comprehensive collections of local and national government, world and galactic conspiracies in the industry designed to inform and enlighten you; join in the conversations and share your views. Secret Societies Today was founded under the notion that the truth is out there and people all around the world have a right to know it. Our unique news and video sharing platform is the perfect resource for anyone interested in finding out what is really going on and why. When you need to know the latest news in politics, conspiracy theories, secret societies and brainwashing, you need Secret Societies Today. We also bring you full coverage and discussions about mind control, aliens and UFO's, New World Order and anything else that has you wondering "What if?" Our goal is to make you better informed as our team of expert insiders brings you the latest news and video clips from the conspiracy frontlines. Our members are important to us and we work very hard to ensure their complete satisfaction. We will never sell or otherwise share your personal information with anyone; you have our word on it. We thank you for visiting us today and welcome you to come back often. Your opinion matters, if you have a question or concern, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way, usually within 24 hours. The truth is out there; find it at Secret Societies Today! .

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