OUT OF CONTROL ( Caution! this may be the most disterbing video you will ever see )

  • Uploaded by Holy42 on Mar 21, 2014
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WARNING: What you are about to witness in this video will change your life if you let it! This short presentation will make some of you sick and want to vomit, but everything you are about to see is nothing short of the truth. If you are unsure if we are living in the final moments of world history, this will surly change your way of is the most disturbing video I have ever done, but I knew that even though it was hard at times to get through, I also knew that this was something the world needed to see, so please people wake up, especially you, brothers and sisters who have sadly fallen asleep and continue saying, OH we have much time left before the return of Jesus, OH which by the way is also another prophecy foretold in the word of is quickly running out folks and you will soon know the viewer, please be advised: NONE of the images or content are for children or the faint of heart. During this presentation you may feel the sudden urge to bring up your last meal, so keep a vomit bucket close to you. You will most likely feel emotions such as anger, sadness and for others frustration and loss of all hope, but in the end, we know as believers that we are the winners because of the birth and the perfect life of Jesus Christ, his death on an old rugged cross and His resurrection from the dead. Jesus Christ is alive today and forever, so please keep in mind, nothing that you see in this video is not at all new but has happened before in the past and is also why that in God's word Jesus says " as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the son of man returns". God has everything under His control and we have seen the end of the book, I don't know about you but that gives me real hope:) This video MUST be shared, so please feel free to pass it around to everyone you know and anyone who may closing, my hope is that all who take the time to watch this video will repent and turn to the only one who can save them from this desperate hour in which we live, his name is JESUS CHRIST and if you are out there somewhere in this dark and demented world looking for answers (CHRISTIAN, or NOT) or you are involved in any of these kinds of activities, I am pleading with you, before it is too late please reconsider the choices you are making, repent before a Holy God and run to the light of Jesus Christ as fast as your feet will carry you, His righteous judgments are beginning to fall because of man's sin, the cup of his wrath and anger is almost full and prophecy is being fulfilled to the letter just as the bible predicted at breakneck speed, but he waits and pleads with those of you who still have a choice to make and to all who will recognize His love and call out to him for mercy. God's, time piece has reached the midnight hour and there are only seconds left, so make your decision today while there is yet time, for we are truly living in the final moments of world history. Please keep in mind and in prayer the people in this video, God still loves them all very much and wants to forgive them if only they will have the ears to hear and the eyes to see. Do you have your eyes and ears open today dear friend? This is Therealtruthseeker signing out

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