UFO filmed:Police helicopter sent for closer look at flying object 13/3/14,Gold Coast,Queensland

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Mar 21, 2014
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Witness States: (I have re-uploaded it onto YouTube because the facebook quality was ruined somehow) Ok so I'm pretty sure I've captured a UFO on camera. Early last night we saw flashing lights in the sky and i ran and got my camera to record it. The cops came straight away and told everyone that they had no idea what it was and they were going to "call it in". When I ran inside to get my phone, everyone said that they saw another huge light twice it's size zoom across the sky and disappear. At the end of this video, i slowed the footage down and stabilised it and you can clearly see that it's a giant triangle with flashing lights. after i finished recording, it zipped down really quickly and vanished. so weird. sorry about the shaky footage, it was filmed on my handheld camera For those saying that it could be an RC craft or 'quad-copter', keep in mind that this thing was at least four times the size of the police helicopters that flew by. It's also the shape of a giant triangle, as you can easily see in 720p if you pause directly on 4:15. This thing was also flying with the point of the triangle facing behind it, which is extremely odd in terms of aerodynamics. If somebody can make a remote controlled object that big, and fly it around like this, then make it vanish like it did, i would like to see the video.

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