[E3] Get REAL with Jan Skoyles

3 of GetREAL explores the REAL asset of natural Skoyles asks Reuters journalist Henning Gloystein (@hgloystein) about the role of natural gas in the current situation in Ukraine. They discuss whether or not fracking gas, as has been done in America, can work for Europe. Gloystein reckons that it's a long way off, if at all, and that, consequently, reliance on Russian natural gas supplies is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Shale gas has worked in America, not only due to having less population density, but the property holder owns the mineral rights under his or her land where in Europe it belongs to the governments and in the UK, the Crown. They also discuss the role of energy supplies in Scottish independence and whether to nor the visual impact, which is worse than wind turbines, would impact how consumers and citizens feel about it.

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