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UFO SIGHTING at the NEW YORK TWIN TOWERS :This amazing UFO sighting seen from an Helicopter at the famous TWIN TOWERS is one of the rare UFO movie that have received some TV media coverage world wide. Many TV station have shown it which is very exceptional because this subject is in general under absolute media censorship world wide but specially in the supposed Land of the Free the USA. There is an interesting video slow motion version produced by a Japanese TV station that proves beyond any possible doubt that we are dealing with a circular shaped UFO at very close ranged, that is disappearing at an impressive , the UFO was seen exactly at the level where the plane eventually hit the tower. Probably the UFO was from the Galactic Federation of Light, & was inspecting the work of the zionist Mossad team that was preparing the fake attack setup on the Twin Towers, letting the Illuminati know that their covert plan was under scrutiny & survey by the Forces of the Light, & that they will have to answer for their crimes in a very near A VIDEO ARCHIVE OF THE FINEST UFO VIDEOS WORLDWIDE:

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