Scientists Complete Largest Sequenced Genome Yet

  • Uploaded by Newsy on Mar 22, 2014
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Researchers sequenced the loblolly pine's 22 billion base pairs, the largest sequenced genome yet. The human genome only has 3 billion base Mikah Sargent: more at Sources: Genetics YouTube YouTube NBC Tech Times American Forest and Paper University of California, DavisImage via: Flickr / Gerry @N04/6484686833/in/photolist-aT2Htp-cHL7Rq-cHL8MC-exYqkr-7Wbw4i-cHLagw-ey2zJh-ey2ygE-kAoD5-b8SFW2-7ztwLC-6oBLkb-7Lddqz-4j1Uv9-Gcg4e-e21GGy-8Eahbo-g6Sjn-esx1KU-GPFhZ-GPFQq-GPEZW-7pbdUH-9EDhRY-esx165-7pbdTM-h6orav-7pf5QA

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