Quadrata Mars, new greatest Mars mystery (Wait 44 sec's)

Smoother HD version click here ( http://youtu.be/3Su-rTft2I8I ) discovered over a thousand strange cubic plots of land in an M.R.O. image file of Hellas Planitia, Mars, and these seem to be intelligently designed by a lost Mars civilisation. Each rectangle and square is on average the size of a soccer field and has complex border and corner rules including a few totally free standing examples that defy all known geology and natural physics.If these turn out to be plots of ancient marked out land then one possible theory would be that Hellas Planitia was the last logical location to have water possible at the local atmospheric pressure so irrigation canals would of fed this valuable resource around areas of farmland so the legend of the canals of Mars might just be true after all !

Disclose.tv fans can explore these alien markings at gigapan by clicking or pasting the following link. http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/150099


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