In Jesus, we are solitary whilst in Satan, the organised Churches with white-washed Dog-Collared Cups full of the filth ..

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In Jesus, we are solitary whilst in Satan, the organised Churches with white-washed Dog-Collared Cups full of the filth of hypocrisy.
Last Friday, 21 March, 14, I went to the City Church, St.Michael, Oxford to join people remembering the Martyrdom of Thomas Cranmer who was burnt at stake in Oxford by the Dog-Collared Clergy of Pope and those who were leading the prayer and other ceremonies were also two Dog-Collared Clergy of the same category.
Now, the Dog-Collared Priests of Pope burnt Thomas Cranmer at stake and those who were leading the prayer for him were also the similar Dog-Collared Priests who burnt him to death. That is, both of these Priests are against each other. The same applies to Mullahs; Shia and Sunni are working against each other.
Now, when Jesus was taking evil spirits out of the sick, Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. said that Jesus is a son of Satan and through the power of Satan, he is driving these evil spirits out. Then, Jesus said if the sons of Satan are not united how could their kingdom stand together? They will perish fighting with each other as you see people fighting in sectarian riots because they are not united in Christ Jesus in which we have One Fold, Church of God and One Shepherd, Christ Jesus.
Further, Jesus said, “Those who are not against us, they are with us.”
Now, at the X-mass and other times, the Church of England people would go out and say, “Those who belong to the Church of England, come follow us to the X-mass Dinner and celebrations”. Same way, Methodists, Baptist, etc. people will call out and bring in their members. So, they were sectarians distinguishing between people. Then, our Brother William Booth used to go out and say, “Those who belonged to none join us for the X-mass celebrations”. That is those who were poor like Lazarus and they did not make contributions towards the Church purse that paid salaries to the hireling anti-Christ Judas Iscariot type thief Priests of Mammon, they were with Jesus and they were welcome by Bro. William Booth. That is, William Booth was a philanthropist and held the Light of our Father with no sectarian divisions. Christ Jesus came to unite us and not to divide us. William Booth stood for Unity in Jesus whilst the others dividing the people stood against Jesus. That is why you have sectarian riots in N.Ireland and other countries where these Anti-Christ Dog-Collared hirelings of Mammon have divided the people.
So, I told the people that One group of Anti-Christ in Pope killed Thomas Cranmer whilst the other have come to mourn him. William Booth stood for the rest of the POOR, whom the Mammon dominated Churches had rejected as penniless beggars like Lazarus who could not buy their dinners. The POOR were solitary in God and the man of God William Booth looked after them.
No wonder, William Booth has no place in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. All the Anti-Christs have their statues for the praises of men whilst those who sought the praises of God are nowhere to be found. People seeking the praises of men work hard to raise money by hook or by crook, the blood money that will bring fame to them for donating huge sums whilst those glorifying God by serving his people have no place among them. That is there is no statue or plaque of William Booth in St.Paul's Cathedral of the Church of England.
Sons of Satan lead people on the Wide Road with wide gates full of confusions and sectarian riots created by divisions whilst sons of Most High although solitary yet they are of one accord seek the Narrow Road that leads to the Royal Vineyard of our Father for Rest.
No wonder when the soldiers of Mammon died they were hypocritically proclaimed by their white-washed Dog-Collared Priests as to have glorified God whilst the soldiers serving as Ambulance and other services of Salvation Army were declared by them as to have died serving and King and country.
Think of the Lazarus and the rich man story of capitalist country Israel against the Communist society of Samaritans that the Salvation Army joined.
In Jesus, we are to be solitary. Much confused Trinity is explained.
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