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THE MAGICIAN (Path of the Fool Series)

  • Malogg
  • uploaded: Mar 23, 2014
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Michael Tsarion's master class continues with an esoteric analysis of The Magician... Main Website Facebook (for comments) Path of the Fool (Book of Card Meanings) Complete Series Page Taroscopic Mystery School Taroscopic System (Intro Video) MAIN PROGRAM REFERENCES Demiurge Nous Ursa Major & Swastika llerleiumasvast.html Solar Symbol Ben Ben Hadit Urizen Washington Monument Jakin (Lucifer) ppendices/lightmagicmasonry.html Geb Pleroma Squaring the Circle Lemniscate Reality Principle Magical Thinking Apollonian & Dionysian Persona Implicate Order Intuition Phylogenetic Ontogenetic Holism Holarchy Inner Zodiac

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