Keppe Motor - Part 2/3

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About Keppe Motor Primary source of energy: scalar or essential energy (from space).
Secondary source of energy: battery or electrical current used only to give the initial start.
Motor heating: none.
Environmental pollution: none.
Energy cost to operate: 5-10% of what it costs to operate motors of the same potency.
Energy consumption: 10-20 times less than normal.
Operating area: any place on the planet because it is not dependent on other sources of energy such as atomic, hydroelectric, eolic (wind) or coal.
RPM: adjustable in accordance with the applied voltage. 3500 RPMs has already been accomplished with a motor whose rotor weighs 400 grams and consumes 15 watts and 4500 RPMs with a 250 gram rotor.
Torque: a minimum of 5 times greater than the best conventional motors.
Efficiency: depending on the dimensions can be 20 times greater than normal motors

If you have questions, ideas to toss into the discussion, new suggestions for developing this innovative technology, this is the place to do it.

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