News Station Bases Entire Report on a Facebook Post ... About a Fake Monster

  • Uploaded by *WillEase* on Mar 23, 2014
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A local news station in Cuba, New Mexico, recently spent two entire minutes talking about a blurry photograph of a carnival monster that had reportedly been seen wandering around the open highway, because there was quite literally nothing else going on in Cuba, New Mexico, that day. Because the "sighting" was based entirely on a single anonymous Facebook post without any details, the crackerjack news team did its best to inflate the narrative into something that would fill enough time on the evening report, including detailed maps of the monster's alleged prowling zone and an explanation of the term "skinwalker," an in-no-way-nonsense word that Internet commenters decided was the only possible explanation for the photograph. Except, of course, for a screenshot from the film Xtro, which was exactly what it was! Evidently the Cuba, New Mexico, news team were at enough of a loss for things to do to allow them to build an entire report about some dumbass Facebook user posting a picture from a 31-year-old monster movie but were just busy enough not to bother with a Google image search.

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