Ghost Smashes Glass Tray on US Shop Floor

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A mysterious surveillance video has residents in a small US town spooked with claims it shows a ghost throw a glass cake tray off a store counter
Staff at the Ellacoya Country Store in New Hampshire claim there’s no other explanation for why the tray appears to jump from the counter with no one nearby.
The video, uploaded to the store's Facebook page with the message "Haunted much?", is dividing the community into paranormal skeptics and those willing to believe.
Some have questioned whether the bowl was attached to a string pulled through the nearby window.
But staff deny the video is a con and say the window does not open, a claim tested and confirmed by a local TV news reporter.
"There's definitely no string, this is not a staged act. This really happened and it's really kind of freaky," store owner Steve Buzzola told WMUR News.

While this is the first incident of something moving inside the shop it's not the first report of ghostly happenings in the building.
Staff claim they often hear strange sounds and phantom customers entering the store only to look around and see no one there.
"We've had a couple of incidents with people have felt their shoulder being pulled," Buzzola said.
A neighbour who lives upstairs also reports hearing noises in the store when no one is there and feet walking on the stairs after hours.
The video has attracted the attention of paranormal investigators who say they will look into the "haunting"

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