earth vs the flying saucers = old film in color

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this is the manipulation of the christian religion where over 80 million negative doom sayers are waiting for the end of the world still ... dumb idiots ... because of one mistranslation in the bible babble ... which says the end of times is coming ... the true translation is the end of an era is coming ... and the new era of aquarius is starting ... to see the truth see the Billy Meier and the Pleiadean contacts ... the CIA and israel is closely watching the Billy Meier news ... which says that if israel attacks iran ... there will be knee deep jewish blood flowing in israeli streets ... since russia and china will join iran and destroy israel overnight ...

see all Billy Meier Videos here:

the biggest negative belt around this planet is created by organized religion , ALL RELIGION, and there are every sunday more than 3.5 billion aliens meditating for our planet to lift this negativity up ...

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