A CALL to AMERICA to stand up NOW or Perish

  • Uploaded by Holy42 on Mar 24, 2014
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America I know it is hard. If there was only some way we could just go back to sleep. It is hard to stand up for our selves. When a police officer pulls you over and threatens you, it is easier to cooperate with him because you feel it is too much to go to jail. If your school is demanding that you cannot wear a shirt with Jesus on it, you comply. If Your town won't allow Christ at the school or courthouse, we go along without protest. How can we help and still not have to give up our time or our job? You cant, But if we all stand up now, we will only have to go to jail or spend our time, if we wait till they come with guns to our home to round us up for fema camp, Then we will wish we had stood up when the only risk was jail for a few days or time off work. One thing we can ALL DO and not risk jail yet, is, we can go to the town meetings, write our congress person. We can refuse to comply with unlawful searches and attend protests, we can campaign for Rand Paul. We can spread the word on youtube and make fliers. You must under no circumstance give up. We can also run for office and expose the secret societies. We can all in every city picket and protest the local masonic hall and demand it's closure. If all people loving liberty got together and organized a protest against these secret societies and in MASS on a set day, protested the MASONIC halls, in every city, we could bring this to a halt. We need to make it a national theme now, that no member of any secret society, may hold office. We need to all agree on this principle. We need to determine other principles and encourage these too. So, friends of lets do it today, we can do this. "WE WILL overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our witnessing; and we will give our lives if necessary" rev 12:1

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