usa military base ufo

if you look at this whole video you will see i zoom in from the distance and the objects small and the mountains are too, as i zoom in from my jet the object and mountains and military base run way get bigger longer film just for those that said it was to short points to know i was not in a room like people say i did NOT USE a flash light like ATS claim i was not in a car or truck, just look at the high location i have many wittiness, to prove i was not using any flash light the original film was shot in the day, in the first uploads of this i adjust the contrast and dark lightness to let you see the dark little ufo in the moving footage, but now i have put longer section together over the military base you can see i zoom in and out and pan around and let the ufo go out of frame then zoom back on it again notice the flash on the mountains :) just try this please stay up to 3.33 am in the early hours ok just watch one of my films over and over again until your so sleep you drop off but first set your alarm to wake you up at 5 am then watch my film again until 5.13 am then go to bed put a dark cloth over your eyes and drift off in to DREAM LAND. REM sleep will do the rest this will do

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