UFO Sightings Malevolent ET's Implementing A 100 Year Plan To Take Over Earth?

  • Uploaded by Grey on Mar 26, 2014
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In this exclusive thirdphaseofmoon interview, Dr. J spoke to British ufologist Timothy Good. With 56 years in the field, Good's contacts are some of the highest one can have. And his research doesn't disappoint. With so ymany years researching, lecturing & writing, this is only a tidbit of information that is recently revealed in his latest book (Earth: An Alien Enterprise). Everything from malevolent ET's implementing a 100 year plan to take over earth with their hybrids that began in the 1940's, to many pilots & astronauts being trained to fly in these ET vehicles that were given to several earth governments & much much more. Timothy Good's work in the past has been proven accurate in the past several times & he is considered one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject. Hear this & so much more in this interview. Check out his site at & listen to thirdphaseofmoon radio Thursdays 8-10 pm ET on call in 818-923-1713. Do you have your own UFO story or a comment on a specific video? Tell it directly to Blake Cousins Fridays on thirdphaseofmoon live at 347-934-0378 & if you have captured anything amazing, contact us via Skype or Facebook at out the Thirdphaseofmoon App! by Paul Barrett Radio our new website

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