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When i was in the USAF i was positioned in an office with a guy named Bates ( false name given here). He and I had different training and duties...his it turns out for TOP SECRET....

Bates didn't like the messages about Aliens at a small secret base in the north pole area...( think alaska ) sent to him since it meant he would have to send it on, the bulletin would have his office memo dept title on it...Bates didn't want to get in any trouble so he asked them to stop the jokes.But it was NOT a joke. It was real...He was ordered by officers of higher rank to read the memo and send it on to Washington DC...So over time he did this...but the messages were part of a security protocol program, that meant the guards at the alien freezer installation had to transmit the info they were secure and okay every 5 hours...Bates thus had to see this same type message over...and started to drive him
half-crazy since no one had taken the time in the USAF to see if this news would upset him....
This video project is to inform the people of the same experiences I had as I watched this guy in the office day after
day...did I think it was a joke ? No...was Bates affected by this part of his job ? sure he was....He had other duties but
it was this one area that made him wish he was any where else but this place...this office....Derr was the observer,from across the room. I was not even allowed to go anywhere near his desk or near the equipment. If i did I could go to Jail.

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