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  • Goldy
  • uploaded: Mar 27, 2014
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(READ ABOUT) WARNING:CONTAINS TRUTH AND A SWEAR WORD. PLEASE help me to make this video viral in any way you can. Lets get the word out that Geo-engineering IS taking place regardless of how much the Governments try to deny it. Geo-Engineering is and has been discussed in Parliament. Scientists describe geo=engineering to be just what we see in the skies today. YET they claim they want to 'try' it whilst we SEE them doing it on a World Wide scale. These are facts. You can turn around from them and deny them, but it does not make it any less real. If you do not look at the facts within this video, then you can not have a say on this issue. The information and evidence is there for all who wish to see it. Once you are aware of this issue, it then becomes your duty to tell others about it. WE did not give any one our permission to do this to our skies and to our weather. David Keith who is a Geo-Engineer says that there are 'unknown consequences' to Geo-engineering. DON'T wait to find out for yourselves what those consequences may be. Stand up and say NO to this. When all of us see and shout NO it will end. They will have to admit what they have been doing and they will pay the consequences. 'we were just following orders' will NOT work. Or they will turn around and say 'yes now we will do it' but our skies will look no different, but just as they are today. then what will you say? It will be TOO late check out some of the research I have done on my channel. MOST OF ALL PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH YOURSELF. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CONSENT TO THIS BY DENYING IT OR IGNORING IT. FACTS ARE FACTS TRUTH IS TRUTH IT CAN NOT BE CHANGED regardless of what you think of it.

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  • Human101101011#

    Human101101011 March 29, 2014 9:01:31 AM CET

    We know cos we do not look in to the floor,like zoombies or in to the mind control devices,people need to start to care for.YOU PEOPLE NEED TO START TO CARE FOR THIS PLANET. .PEOPLE WHO DO NOT CARE ARE DOING THIS,and is is the same if you do not care,you are for spraying,and if you dont know nothig about it start now.

  • Human101101011#

    Human101101011 March 29, 2014 8:51:57 AM CET

    I belive ,,we have the same problem ,and we live on the other side of the planet.we got evidence,the same as you.looking on radar and the planes are not on the radar,they do this in here Big time,it is crazy and my fotos are crazy too and after 2h the sky iss not clear no more, no more sun shine.POISONING US.They start 10am and sky is fuct up in 2h.

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