Has history been tampered with Astronomy cancels Antiquity

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credits and subscribe to: Has history been tampered with? Traditional history vs modern astronomy: who shall win? The Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko was the first to have questioned the validity of global chronology in its entirety. However, t...

credits and subscribe to: http://www.youtube.com/user/mithec?feature=watch Has history been tampered with? Traditional history vs modern astronomy: who shall win? The Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko was the first to have questioned the validity of global chronology in its entirety. However, there were criticisms of the chronological tradition that became consensual nowadays ever since the days of its creation in the 16th 17th century, and the list of the critics includes such names as Jean Hardouin, Edwin Johnson, Sir Isaac Newton. Apparently, all of the "ancient" eclipses allegedly belonging to the period between 1000 BC and five hundred AD that have with detailed descriptions allowing for astronomical datings get verifiable valid dates from a much later epoch, namely, the interval between 500 and 1700 AD. The old concepts of time were substantially different from modern ones. "Before the 13-14th century the devices for time measurement were a rarity and a luxury. Even the scientists didn't always possess them. The Englishman Valcherius... was lamenting the lack of a clock that afflicted the precision of his observations of a lunar eclipse in 1091. "The clocks common for mediaeval Europe were sundials, hourglasses, and water clocks, or clepsydrae. However, sundials only were of use when the weather was good, and the clepsydrae remained a scarcity" In the end of the 9th century a.d., candles were widely used for timekeeping. "The monks kept count of time by the amount of holy book pages or psalms they could read in between two observations of the sky... For the majority, the main timekeeping medium was the tolling of the church bells". One is to bear in mind that astronomical observations require a chronometer that possesses a second hand, while we learn that "even after the discovery and the propagation of mechanical chronometers in Europe, they had been lacking the minute hand till 1550".alaska greenland Scotland berlin paris milan florence marco polo film 1100's 1200's 1300's 1400's 1500's 1600's 1700's 1800's 1900's mission documentary video norway sweden oslo stockholm amsterdam glasgo noble nobility viking history chronicle science research museum historical evolution archaeology story of the year taboo stories journey to the past past lives today in history easter the history channel creation vs evolution of man ancient chinese italian american greek roman criminal lutheran baptist crucifixion spain italy britain prussia denmark math maths geometry ethics logic day in history world town natural city witchcraft cyprus iran zodiac stars punishment military capital politics immigrant money women men man woman inventions architecture islam orthodox herodotus shakespeare magazine tablet commandments fashion protection life ancient history rome greece egypt jesus caesar bible gospel judas dan brown da vinci channel today pyramid cleopatra nefertiti pharaoh moses story gnostic conspiracy masonic historical cabal war campaign biblical medieval china india burma jerusalem illuminati timeline conspiracy english french roman battle fight priam hector troy bow sword sea arrow ship weapon helene horse race king tartars logic fact victory russia germany scribe america france england romanov plantagenet tudors windsor da vinci historical biblical edifice evolution german etruscan russian astronomy mongols baron crusade empire gothic culture gun sword map star victory virgin oil bread grain agriculture cows heathen vagrant barbarian torture habit cloth cloak dagger painting paint castle palace river babylon human geography clock time measure astrology gods english apocalypse apostle greek roman egyptian manuscript book monument art writing house building forum latin sham catholic protestant service book religion pope cult genghis khan alexander napoleon hitler caesar horde army hannibal elephant church inquisition bacchic jesuit fake hoax king prince duke emperor kingdom dark age orthodox sun moon planet venus earth mars jupiter saturn mercury voyage sail lance sabre stirrup saddle discovery papiri library tsar president prince lady beauty queen goddess archaeology geology medecine chemistry plague mathematics statistics alphabet science research sacred rites melody bronze tin iron copper steel marble concrete stone wood pine oak vessel amphora oxen white black red yellow blue green pasture hunt hunter fire lion dog tiger hawk knife fork hygiene soap linen fabric colour politics modern view review miracle show secret history alabama arizona arkansas california colorado connecticut delaware florida georgia hawaii idaho illinois indiana iowa ansas kentucky louisiana maine maryland massachusets michigan minnesota misisippi missouri montana nebraska nevada new hamshire jersey mexico york nothr carolina dakota ohio oklahoma oregon pensilvania rhodeisland south tenessee texas utah vermont virginia west wisconsin wyoming

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