The Eerie Alaskan Pyramid Investigated (new) HD [full documentary]

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Before it was actually unearthed, the incredible 14,000 year old structure at Gobekli Tepi in Turkey would have been considered impossible by archaeologists. Similarly, to this day some Egyptologists dispute the true age of the Sphinx, which has been confirmed by are many mysteries about Gobekli Tepi, chief among them the fact that its creators expended even more effort to bury it than they did to build , something even more extraordinary, even more impossible and even more incredible has been discovered a pyramid twice the size of Cheopsburied near Mount McKinley in Alaska. Listen to the eerie cloak-and-dagger story that emerges as Linda interviews a US Army counterintelligence agent who has a remarkable reason for believing it. as he tells of its brief public announcement on a radio program, and the years-long coverup that has haunted him for the rest of his l documentary, documentaries, full documentary, history documentary, documentary bbc, history channel documentary, documentary history channel, national geographic documentary, discovery channel documentary, documentary films, ufo documentary, prison documentary, science documentary, space documentary, bbc documentary 2014, pbs documentary, bbc documentary history, illuminati documentary, nature documentary, north korea documentary, beyonce documentary, alien documentary, serial killer documentary, mafia documentary, universe documentary, lion documentary, gang documentary, ufo documentary 2014, civil war documentary, slender man documentary, vietnam war documentary, wrestling documentary, bigfoot documentary, eminem documentary, the game documentary, 9/11 documentary, lil wayne documentary, drake documentary, drake documentary, anorexia documentary, area 51 documentary, the carter documentary, holocaust documentary, chernobyl documentary, 9 11 documentary, the bridge documentary, schizophrenia documentary, dream team documentary, mike tyson documentary, bodybuilding documentary, pablo escobar documentary, afghanistan war documentary, jim jones documentary, bipolar disorder documentary, biography channel documentary, tupac documentary, scientology documentary, saddam hussein documentary, grey gardens documentary, ted bundy documentary, bermuda triangle documentary, 911 documentary, young jeezy documentary, obesity documentary, al capone documentary, documentary on prostitution, michael jackson documentary, invisible children documentary, che guevara documentary, charles manson documentary, tim tebow documentary, bbc documentary science, graffiti documentary, ww1 documentary, bob marley documentary, freemasons documentary, korean war documentary, titanic documentary, rastafari documentary, joseph kony documentary, auschwitz documentary, monsanto documentary

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