[VIDEO] Flying Snakes - The Physics Of Snakes That Fly

Mystery of flying snakes may be resolvedOphidiophobics Beware: Flying Snakes Have Great AerodynamicsParadise tree snake turns into a flying saucer to perform UFO trickFlying Snakes Surprisingly AerodynamicSecrets of flying snakes revealedFlying Snakes Take On UFO Shape To Glide From Trees To The Rainforest FloorSnakes don't always fly, but when they do, they glide with a grace unparalleled in the animal kingdom. Tree snakes in the species Chrysopelea paradisi undulate side to side as they soar downward from branches fall would be too inelegant a word and land 100 feet away. As they twist and turn, they also flatten their bodies, curling inward from the bottom. This unique combo of moves and morphing gives them the power of controlled gliding flight, like swimming through the Socha and his colleagues figured out how they do it by building a 3-D snake model, running lots of simulations, and growing sensitized to three-foot snakes leaping into the air around , an assistant professor and biomechanist at Virginia Tech, showed a few years ago that these snakes move their cord-like bodies in two ways simultaneously as they fly. They wriggle like a whip, possibly using the same muscles they would use to slither on the ground. And they flatten their bottoms, which Socha thinks they achieve by extending muscles along their entire bodies, kind of like how a cobra hoods by splaying its Use Copyright Disclaimer:I do not claim to own the copyrights of all the images, videos or audio clips utilised incidentally in the compilation of this educational video, and I acknowledge that they belong wholly to their original copyright holders and state that no malicious copyright infringement or violation is intended. The use of incidental copyrighted material is covered under the Fair Use (Copyright Act) 17 Section 107, with particular emphasis on such use for educational and non-profit purposes, which states:"Notwithstanding the provisions of section 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phono-records or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright."The copyrighted video clips used in this educational video have been extracted and reformatted from uploaded streaming material on public domain videos already live on YouTube, and as such, have inferior picture and audio quality to the professionally produced source material from which they originally came from and therefore not suitable for potential counterfeit reproductions. The same applies to the inclusion of certain copyrighted photos and images that have been degraded in composition and quality. They have been incorporated into the project by necessity because they benefit the presentation due to their symbolic and historical significance and enhance the educational awareness of viewers to the main topic of the video. Creative transformation has occurred by the embedding of personally created original artwork and animations into the newly created educational video and the complete removal of the original soundtrack to all copyrighted video clips which have been replaced by an insightful and uniquely original commentary for the purposes of scientific, religio-philosophic and scholarly review. The newly compiled video documentary is not intended to be used for commercial or monetary gain, but is rather an amateur presentation created purely for the purposes of publicly disseminating uniquely original educational information for non-profit gain in accordance with the YouTube submission policy. The overall usage of individual clips amounts to very little in relation to the original copyrighted works in totality, and the selected portions are respectfully and appropriately used to elaborate upon alternative and diverse religious and philosophical perspectives that do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the original copyright holders. As I am not competing financially with the original copyright holders, this does not infringe upon their potential market share. This video is intended for use by subscribers and viewers to my YouTube site and is forbidden to be used for illegal profit or redistribution.

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