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see what government agency is spying on your phone

To check your phone check out http://ismyipdirty.com/ In this video Alex Heid, information security consultant shows you how to see what government agency is spying on your cell phones unique IP address. To find out more about Alex check out http://hackmiami.org http://twitter.com/AlexHeid http://federaljack.com http://ALEXANDERHEID.COM follow luke on https://twitter.com/Lukewearechange https://facebook.com/LukeWeAreChange http://instagram.com/lukewearechange https://plus.google.com/102322459477834521524/posts Support us by subscribing here http://bit.ly/P05Kqb http;//www.facebook.com/wearechange.org Check out our merchandise: http://wearechange.org/store/ Become a member of The Sponsor Lounge and get exclusive behind the scenes content while helping us grow! Join us today! http:///www.wearechange.org/donate

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