5.45x39 ammo WTF just happened ?!?

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Mar 31, 2014
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Did you notice what just happened ???Here is a link to the .pdf we talked about in the video: this video we will address:What Started all This?What Is Ammo?What Is AP Ammo? Gun Control Act of 1968 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994Who can Own AP Ammo? Steel-Core "Ban" Pistols - XCR-L Pistol - JBI Armory Pistol - Horns Custom Rifles PistolOther "Rifle" Caliber PistolsWhat is Next? Buyers Network for Shooters, made by Websites Gear; Websites Podcast on Websites Blog: Websites Chat: us on Facebook: us on Instagram: us on Twitter:#!/GunWebsites

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