Mr. Beard Beard Machine from ThinkGeek

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your B-Cup, stick your face in the Mr. Beard Beard Machine, and in mere moments you'll have the facial hair of your real human hair particles for a salon-quality look and feel. -Patent-pending process permanently bonds hair to your face until you decide to shave it off and try another style!-Your new beard can be gotten wet and cleaned just like your own hair. You can even swim in it!-Once applied, you can shave and style your new get you started, each Mr. Beard comes with a 5-pack sampler B-Cup Pack of some of the most popular styles: Freddie Mercury, Handlebar, Fu Manchu, Green Arrow, and ThinkGeek Features: Auto-off, Indicator tones, Removable Drip Tray, and more!-Over 200 different B-Cups available, in almost every hair color. -Order form inside box. -Includes: Mr. Beard Beard Machine, 5 B-Cups, Stickers, universal 110V power cord, and Instructional : approx. 11" x 10" x "Music by Kevin MacLeod "Motivator" to further stalk ThinkGeek:+

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